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What you can see from this Article

US Employment Statistics and

ADP statistics


from employment statistics

Importance of

two employment statistics

US employment statistics announcement time




First check !


US Employment Statistics

Announcement Date



The first friday of every month

Summer 21:30 / Winter 22:30

(Japan time)



ADP Employment Statistics

Announcement Date



2 business days prior to the US Employment Statistics

Summer 21:15 / Winter 22:15

​(Japan time)



- prologue -

 Is the US employment statistics Special ?



Employment statistics are economic indicators published in countries around the world that are important in measuring trends in employment conditions.



Among other things, US employment statistics are focused on investors.



Because employment statistics are difficult to predict, it is not uncommon for the exchange rate to move significantly with unintended consequences.



Therefore, in the United States, there are leading indicators announced by private companies, apart from the indicators announced by the administration.



Presence of leading indicators



There are two broad categories of employment statistics in the United States.

Economic indicators released by the US Department of Labor Labor Statistics Bureau

Leading indicators released by ADP, a major US payroll agency



This article briefly summarized the US employment statistics and the ADP employment statistics.



For other economic indicators, this article is helpful

【See the contry's economic growth ~GDP~】

The high unemployment rate and low employment statistics are likely to lead directly to the financial crisis.

When that happens, the movement of money stops and economic activity stops.


What is US Employment Statistics?



There are approximately 10 types of indicators released by the Ministry of Labor.


(There is an increase or decrease in the number of items depending on the comparison target, the survey target, and the survey time)


In this article we will look at two indicators that have a major impact on the market.



①What is the number of workers

in non-agricultural sector ?



Among the indicators announced by the United States,

it is the most important economic indicator for measuring employment situation.



By measuring the change in the number of employees employed in the previous month, you can measure the activity of the company, and the economic overview.



Non-agricultural sector domestic GDP accounts for 80%.



It can be said that this is a sufficient economic indicator to control the US economy.



​②What is the unemployment rate ?



It is an important economic indicator that is as influential as the non-agricultural sector.



It can be understood that when the unemployment rate rises,


the business performance is getting worse.



Such changes may cause unexpected changes in US stocks and foreign exchange markets.



Basically, the number of non-agricultural workers and the unemployment rate are in a relative relationship.



In other words, the unemployment rate goes up if the number of employed people goes down.



Simple supplement


In the agricultural sector, business owners often work in practice.



Therefore, employees in the agricultural sector are not included in the survey of employment statistics,


and the classification of non-agricultural sector is the mainstream.


What is ADP Employment Statistics ?


The employment statistics released by ADP(Automatic Data Processing), a major US payroll agency, are referred to as ADP employment statistics.

US employment statistics are often difficult to predict even by experts and often lead to unpredictable results.

Therefore, ADP employment statistics will be released two business days before US employment statistics are released.

This will, to a certain extent, help us track trends in US employment statistics.

However, the US employment statistics do not necessarily move according to the ADP employment statistics.


Difference between

US Employment Statistics and

ADP Employment Statistics


ADP Employment Statistics is based on ADP's customer data and produces statistical results.



In other words, it does not cover every company in the United States.



Therefore, there is no correlation between US employment statistics and ADP employment statistics.



ADP employment statistics can be a reference for employment statistics as a leading indicator.





There are about 10 economic indicators in US employment statistics


There is a gap in importance

Number of non-agricultural sector and unemployment rate are particularly important

US employment statistics are hard to predict

ADP Employment Statistics are Leading Indicators to Reference US Employment Statistics



- epilogue -

Pitfalls of US Employment Statistics

The unemployment rate in the United States has been declining since 2009 to the present.



The government closure in Trump's administration in 2019 temporarily increased the unemployment rate.



However, in the long run it can be said that it is still on the decline.



In addition, the number of non-farm payrolls has not changed significantly since the large-scale decline in 2009 in the long run, and has been flat until now.



from these things



At present, there are few situations in which US companies have to reduce their workforce,


and it looks good at first glance.



Employer's salary




Less noticeable statistics compared to non-agricultural sector and unemployment rates

There is an average hourly wage (wage per hour) in such statistics.

The US average hourly wage is now on the rise.

However, I feel a decline in the rise.


The lack of growth in average hourly wages can be explained by the long-term decline in GDP growth rates.

It tends to focus on statistics that have a high degree of attention, 

but sometimes we fall into a pitfall when looking at biased statistics.

In this way, it is not difficult to read the flow of finance and economy by seeing the future unrest from various statistics.



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